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For some reason I could not attach a MSWord file that contained a table without loosing formatting.Transferring 35mm Slides to Your Computer Quickly and Easily April 2006.The Jumbl 35mm Film to Digital Image Converter easily turns 35mm film negatives and slides into 10MP digital images and offers a full-color LCD screen to view and share images.If you have 35mm slides resting in a box, you may want to consider converting these encapsulated memories to digital images.

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FREE Digital Color Correction for all Slides Not only do you get your slides scanned on top-notch equipment, but your images will receive an automated fade correction, color balance, and image rotation post scanning.Unfortunately, those treasured family photos can become damaged over the years or fade.

I have over 1000 x 110mm slides and I want to convert these to digital images on my computer.The options are almost unlimited when it comes to converting 35mm slides to digital images.We also offer professional bulk photo scanning, video and film transfer services, and more.

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If your slides have a metal protection ring please remove before sending.

For 74 years, Kodachrome set the standard for color accuracy and for longevity among slide films.I started a list to help me to compare and thought that it might be helpful to others.

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A 35mm slide is a positive image on a piece of film that is mounted in a plastic holder.How long does it take to scan 35mm photo negatives (say, about 1000) with an at-home scanner.

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Scanning your old collection of 35mm slides is the perfect way to both preserve them and give them a new life as digital images.

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It produces high-resolution 20-megapixel files (5472 x 3648 pixels).

What is the best way to convert 35mm slides to JPEG files

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It takes only a few minutes to set up, and just a few seconds to scan each photo or slide.

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If you would rather convert your negatives to a digital format by yourself at home, you can do so easily without even having to invest in a scanner, but only if you are willing to spare more than just a weekend.Anyone beyond a certain age or who has inherited photos from their parents will have a quantity of 35mm slides they want to get into their PC.

Our technology faithfully replicates both slides and negatives to high-resolution digital formats.With a Digital SLR, Kodak Carousel Projector, homemade ClickSlide controller box, and a Computer, you are ready to automatically convert your 35 mm slides to digital image files.

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Viewing the slides with anything more powerful than a 4x loupe (like 7x - 20x), there is much more detail in the slide apparent than the digital file (jpg full res for the camera as shown on a computer monitor).

Finally ready to dust off your 35mm slides and get them digitized.Converting 35mm slides to digital images is the first step in the preservation and the restoration of your memories.

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